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Featured Courses

Coaching for Effectiveness
This course discusses the role of coaching in an organization, provides the process for behavioral and developmental coaching, and discusses strategies for overcoming common obstacles in coaching.
Effective Delegation
This course provides strategies for time management and prioritization in order to create a successful foundation for delegation.
Engaging and Capturing Millennial Customers
This is a 6-module course that uses the case study of Las Vegas to allow the participant to consider the character of the millennial customer and develop a strategy to engage and capture loyalty.
Introduction To Gaming Industry
Explains the historical development of the casino gaming industry in the United States and elsewhere. Illustrates how changes in technology and regulation impact the casino industry. Learners will recognize key concepts in casino gaming that will remain with them throughout their studies.
Introduction to Supervisory Skills
This course provides the theory and techniques behind successful supervision, focusing on the balance between operational responsibilities and people management responsibilities.
Next Generation Leader Certificate


The Next Generation Leader Certificate includes these courses.
Principles of Effective Communication
This course is designed to provide an overview of communication principles and techniques that encourage effective message sending, listening, and group interaction.
Service Excellence
This course is designed for anyone who provides service; learners will learn techniques for providing excellent service in times of high-volume, stress, and dealing with difficult guests.
Succeeding in Teams
This course provides strategies for forming, communicating, problem-solving, and managing conflict in teams in order to produce great work.